3 Great Battery Related Podcasts

The Digital Age has introduced a number of ways to gather information and stay knowledgeable about the latest developments in virtually any type of industry, no matter how large or small the niche. In addition to blogs, one type of medium that is continually increasing in popularity is the podcast. If you are not yet familiar with podcasts, think of them as a serial radio program that you can listen to whenever you like. New episodes are released regularly, and they become automatically available for download when they are generated. You can set up feeds for your favorite podcasts so you never miss an episode, or you can visit the podcast site at your convenience to check out the latest content. The best part is, podcast subscriptions are usually free.

If batteries are one of your areas of interest, there are several podcasts that will help you stay informed, and possibly even entertained.

3 Battery Podcasts to Follow

Some of the available podcasts about batteries include:

  1. The Electrochemical Society Podcast – If you are seeking technical content, the Electrochemical Society has you covered. Topics range widely and include nanomaterials, batteries in medical applications, and interviews with scientists working in these areas, to name a few.

  2. Fw:Thinking – This podcast is certainly not limited to just batteries. In fact, it covers a broad range of categories that fit into the tagline, “Technology. Humanity. The Future.” For example, in the episode titled Batteries are Included, commentators challenge the perception that battery technology is lagging behind other technological developments. The discussion also includes a good layman’s explanation of the way batteries work and the problems scientists face when striving to create batteries that provide more power and last longer. Other topics that this podcast covers include the Internet of Things, fuel cells, and advanced materials.

  3. The Loh Down on Science – Another science-based blog that has several episodes related to batteries is The Loh Down on Science, hosted by Sandra Tsing Loh. Short, informative podcast episodes cover topics like the latest technological developments in wearables, new ways to generate battery power using humid air, and the use of piezoelectrics in the military. The podcast also has a fun daily quiz that allows you to test your knowledge.

Of course, there are countless other science podcasts that occasionally touch on battery technology. You can easily find these by searching a podcast directory for keywords like battery, wearables, flexible battery, or any other specific term that piques your interest.

Do you follow a battery podcast we should know about? Let us know in the comments section.

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