7 Battery Chemistry Blogs to Follow

In addition to using social media platforms like Twitter to stay updated about the latest battery developments, you can also subscribe to blogs. Following a blog allows you to get articles directly to your e-mail inbox so you are automatically notified when new content is posted, saving you time and ensuring that you get the latest news.

It is essential for new product managers, innovation leaders, engineers, and researchers to use digital tools if they want to stay on the cutting edge. Although poring through scientific journals and industry magazines is still a valuable exercise, chances are that much of the news you read in print media has already been covered in the digital media. This is especially true if you have a stack of these publications on your desk waiting for you to have a little extra time to read them. 

On the other hand, many people read e-mail constantly throughout the day. If you see a compelling article title in your inbox, you are much more likely to read it right away, keeping you in the know about battery chemistry and allowing you to quickly leverage that knowledge.


7 Battery Chemistry Blogs

Battery chemistry blogs range from the highly technical and specific, to general topics that are more accessible to non-scientists. Take some time to review multiple sites to see which ones are the best fit for you. A few battery chemistry blogs to consider include:

  1. This Week in Batteries – Written by a researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, this recently re-energized blog uses plain language to explain complex concepts. One of the latest posts describes four different important metrics in battery chemistry: energy, cost, life, and charge time. Each of these metrics is characterized as a hero, with a brief description of the relevant battery chemistry principles and practical examples. The author is also the host of the Twitter chat #BattChat.

  2. EnergyTrend – With sections for batteries, photovoltaics, and electric vehicles, EnergyTrend encompasses a lot of news for professionals in any of these three fields. The battery blog posts articles on the latest developments in both industry and academia. It is also a good resource for investors to get information about emerging trends and the market outlook.

  3. Batteries News – ScienceDaily’s section on batteries is regularly updated with articles about the latest developments in battery chemistry, from digestible cells to anodes made from portabella mushrooms. The blog also features videos if you want a break from reading.

  4. Free Patents Online – If you want to stay informed about the latest patented battery technologies, you can subscribe to the Free Patents Online feed to receive alerts when new patents are issued in the categories for thermoelectric and photoelectric batteries or battery or capacitor charging or discharging.

  5. Charged magazine – Charged magazine often has good in depth articles on battery and electrode developments for electric vehicles. Check out this interesting article on Tesla’s anode battery chemistry development.

  6. Battery University – This is one of our personal favorites and has a broad range of information on battery types, chemistry, cell and electrode design and performance characteristics.

  7. FlexEl – Of course, the blog that you are reading right now should be included in this list. We cover a range of battery resources, battery fundamentals, and what you need to know for application specific battery development. If you are in product development, this may be a useful resource for you.

We are always looking for new resources to share with our readers. Tell us about your favorite battery chemistry blogs in the comments section.


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