8 Battery Development Twitter Hashtags You Should be Following

If you are interested in staying informed about the latest battery developments, social media can be a valuable tool. Many companies and most universities use platforms like Linkedin and Twitter to tell readers about the research they are performing, the products they are releasing, and the potential applications for their most recent battery breakthroughs.

Whether you are a seasoned battery scientist or a product developer looking for the perfect battery for a specific application, social media can help you find information that you might not see anywhere else. Even organizations with great marketing teams cannot always keep their websites up to date because of the time and resources it takes. However, because it’s easy to do a quick Twitter post, you can often find the most current information there.

Battery Development Twitter Hashtags to Follow

If you are a Twitter user, consider following the these hashtags to learn about cutting edge battery technologies as they emerge:

  1. #battery – This is an obvious one that will give you the broadest stroke results from universities, news sites, scientific journals, and battery development companies. The #batteries variation is also useful, but the topics tend to cover an even broader scope than the #battery hashtag. If you want to narrow your search to specific types of batteries or applications, add one or more of the below hashtags to your search.

  2. #batterytechnology – A similarly generic, but useful search term, #batterytechnology will deliver results on a range of industries, including solar, vehicles, and electronic devices. This is also a good hashtag to use if you want to stay up to date investor news in the battery technology sector.

  3. #microbattery – If your focus is on microbattery technology, you can find information about bio-compatible solutions and healthcare applications. The latest Twitter buzz is about a holographically patterned 3D microbattery developed at the University of Illinois.

  4. #BattChat – Berkeley Lab has launched #BattChatt, an online event where a battery scientist temporarily takes over the Twitter feed to lead a discussion about the latest developments in battery technology.   

  5. #wearable – Wearable electronic devices are one of the hottest trends in which batteries play a major role. Following this hashtag on Twitter will keep you current on product releases and projects in development. One example of a product that is currently trending is the Eyecatcher, a fashionable bracelet that can display slideshows, news, alerts, and more. The device is powered by a micro USB rechargeable battery that can cycle up to 8,000 times.

  6. #lithiumion – If you want to stay up to date on news specific to lithium-ion batteries, this hashtag will provide informational articles, market news, and links to the latest research. You are also likely to see posts about alternatives to lithium-ion batteries and the research being performed in this area.

  7. #flexiblebattery – Flexible battery technology can be applied to a broad range of industries and applications, and this is evident in the Twitter posts related to this topic. You might find links to articles about wearable devices, smart phones, and smart clothing. You might also see information about the latest developments in chemistry for flexible batteries such as aluminum-graphite or aluminum-ion cells and elastic lithium-ion batteries.

  8. #energystorage – For larger scale applications like energy storage for wind turbines, solar arrays, vehicles, and homes, the #energystorage hashtag provides information about industry events, startup companies you should know about, and the market indicators that show the shifting trend toward alternative energy supplies.

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