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A major OEM has a goal of developing a disposable consumer product incorporating a bio-compatible micro-battery. The device has to operate in contact with human tissues and fluids. The battery targets included to support device operation for a full day, fit in a miniature non-linear cavity and be completely bio-compatible with human tissues. The OEM had spent considerable time developing the device and searching for a power solution. After several attempts to find a battery partner able to develop such unique product, and failing to develop it in-house, this OEM eventually connected with FlexEl.

The FlexEl Micro-Battery Solution

FlexEl provided a functional micro- battery design meeting capacity, pulse rate and bio-compatibility requirements within 3 months. Then several prototypes for battery shelf-life testing were assembled in another 3 months lead-time. FlexEl and this OEM customer are currently working on the finalization of the product and manufacturing of operational batteries and devices for clinical testing.

Potential Application

Mini-probes and sensors, implantable medical sensors and probes, ingestive medical cameras, scanners or drug carriers.


The technology can be sampled to qualified customers. Inquire regarding custom dimensions and capacity.


  • Operating voltage: 1.5 V
  • Capacity: 200 microAh
  • Drain output: up to 50 microA in pulse
  • Weight: 300 mg (0.01 oz)
  • Volume: 6.1 microliter ( 0.00021 floz)

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