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Strength in Diversity We are strengthened by one another’s diverse technical skills, perspectives, and rich cultural traditions. We believe that when we bring these together we are stronger.

Integrity We always act with integrity and honesty. We believe in doing right by our employees, customers, vendors, and investors.

Rewarding Work We give more and get more from our work. We believe that great teams apply discretionary effort to their work, and that they share the rewards that extra effort brings.

Human Interaction We value human interaction and relationships in our digital society. We believe in the freedom to think and the inherent value of speaking up, disagreeing, and building consensus.

Safety and Well-Being We put the safety, well-being, and health of people first. We believe in the need to care for ourselves, our customers, and our guests.

Trusted Advisor We act as a trusted advisor to our prospects and customers. We believe in aligning our incentives and values around our customers’ best interests.

Pragmatic Innovation We apply pragmatic expertise in pushing battery innovation. We go beyond incrementalism but are not unrealistic with our innovation.

Continuous Improvement We strive to continuously improve ourselves, our technology, and our work processes. We believe that the world we operate in is dynamic and we must embrace positive change.

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Hi, I'm John, editor-in-chief of an Flexel Battery online magazine!

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