Custom Battery & Flexible Battery Services – FlexEl

We take well-developed, proven battery chemistries and engineer them to work in exciting new ways to power the next generation of innovative products.

We help your team through a discovery process that helps them determine the burning question on their mind, “Is this possible?”

  • Various form factors, flexible to rigid, flat to cylindrical, even 3-D non-conventional shapes
  • Specifications: power density, energy density, cost, form factor, internal resistance, contacts, shelf life, weight, safety/abuse tolerance, human and environmental toxicity, etc.
  • Packaging technology from films to more traditional stamped metal cans.

We take your specifications and create the optimum design for your battery.

  • Custom battery engineering design to best fit the application
  • Active material synthesis
  • Separator selection or design
  • Electrolyte formulation
  • Cathode formulation and processing
  • Anode formulation and processing
  • Packaging and sealing
  • Contact/Terminal & feed-through design
  • Estimates of cost

We help you transition into full production of your battery and be lean from the start.

  • Pilot line
  • Product / Process Validation Plan
  • Preproduction documentation
  • Scale Up Cost Simulations
  • Supply Chain
  • Floor Plans
  • Capital Estimate

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Hi, I'm John, editor-in-chief of an Flexel Battery online magazine!

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