FlexEl Showcases Reserve Battery at Navy Opportunity Forum

“Look at the mannequin!” exclaimed visitors, as they stepped into the exhibition hall, and noticed George, the company’s mannequin, dressed in a personal flotation vest equipped with a SPOT Gen3 satellite communicator powered by FlexEl’s reserve battery. The reserve battery operated with seawater for powering a personal locator device, in passenger overboard emergencies. Owing to its small size, and infinite shelf life that results from not having prepackaged electrolyte, FlexEl’s reserve battery is a useful addition to any commercial personal floatation device and can be easily integrated into new product development.

On his arm, George had a smart Band Aid, which can send a Bluetooth signal warning to medical personnel prior to visible bleeding is detected from a wound (see Picture 1). Among the advantages of the smart Band Aid are that it cannot send positive false signals, it is biocompatible and low cost. The Navy Opportunity Forum held in Crsytal City, VA on June 1-3 2015, was attended by companies who benefitted from SBIR and STTR awards for developing new technologies, and experts from the U.S. Government and Prime contractors interested in implementing these technologies.

FlexEl presented its product lines, which included ultrathin flexible batteries which can be adapted to a wide range of systems and applications as needed, microbatteries in demand by biomedical applications, high power density batteries that enable 2-3 s long 5 W bursts, and a reserve battery operating primarily with sea water. In case of a need the reserve battery is able to work with any water source available from the surroundings, such as waste water, urine, or even soft drinks. FlexEl presented details on the reserve battery operation and displayed pictures taken during its deployment in Solomons Island, MD. In addition, FlexEl summarized commercial products under development, like the smart Band Aid, the smart personal flotation device, and the water quality sensor. The latter would detect water getting into ammunition storage area; hence, it saves on water damage restauration equipment.

Daniel Lowy, Sr. Scientist, Principal Investigator of the NavAir project delivered a 15 minute talk on the reserve battery, his presentation being attended by interested Primes and Federal Government representatives. Over the two and a half days of the Forum, Dr. Martin Peckerar and Dr. Lowy had a number of SI meetings and acquisition meetings.

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